Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys

During 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported more than 110,000 roadway accidents. More than 400 were fatal while more than 25,000 resulted in some form of personal injury. Many of those injured still have time to seek the assistance of a Milwaukee personal injury attorney to get the remuneration they are entitled to since the statutes of limitations on personal injury claims in Wisconsin is three years.

Car Accidents and Personal Injury Law

Some of the statistics from the Wisconsin DOT that are important to keep in mind are those injuries which could result in a personal injury lawsuit. Keep in mind, to prove a personal injury case, you have to show the person acted in a negligent manner. Accidents that showed negligence included:

  • Alcohol related crashes – nearly 5,000 accidents in 2013 were as a result of a drunk driver
  • Speed related crashes – more than 20,000 accidents were caused because of driving over the speed limit

Speed, alcohol and distracted driving accidents are typically considered negligent behavior since the driver of the automobile did not practice safe driving. When those at fault were cited for any of these violations, the chances of success during a personal injury case are typically higher.

Why Not Deal With Insurance Companies on Your Own?

When you are injured in an automobile accident because of someone’s negligence, or you have lost a loved one due to an accident caused by negligence, you may think the insurance company will protect you. Victims often find that insurers will offer them a low settlement with onerous conditions such as a requirement to pay your own medical bills going forward.  Signing a release can forfeit your rights.  You should not do so without consulting an attorney.

Why Hire Witte Law Offices?

We have built our personal injury practice on helping victims of personal injury. We understand how to deal with insurance companies and how to get you the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.  At the Witte Law Offices, we handle every case in a caring and compassionate manner and our goal is to always ensure the best possible outcome.  We know that after an automobile accident you are likely facing steep medical bills, have lost time from work and may have a long road to recovery. We will work hard to protect your rights and ensure that  you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.