Milwaukee Car Accident Attorneys

Being in a car accident can change your life dramatically. Following the accident, you may be forced to live with injuries that make even the simplest activities difficult. You may be unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. In the worst cases, the accident may have even killed a friend or family member.

Every car accident is traumatic, but the situation becomes even worse when you know that the incident was the result of another person’s negligence. Fortunately, if another person did cause your accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Although no amount of money can erase the pain, trauma and other effects of the accident, it can help you begin the healing process. At Witte Law Offices, we help our clients get the compensation they deserve and the closure they need to move forward after a car accident.

Hire an Experienced Milwaukee Car Accident Attorney

Attorney Luke Witte is a qualified, experienced car accident attorney who puts his clients first. Attorney Witte has been representing personal injury clients since 2002. He is a graduate of Marquette University Law School, and he has been admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin, the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin and the U.S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin.

Regardless of the nature of your case, you can be sure that Attorney Luke Witte will protect your rights and defend your interests throughout the duration of the case. He understands all of the nuances of the laws surrounding car accidents in Wisconsin, and he can make sure that you get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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If you have been involved in a car accident, contact Witte Law Offices today to discuss the specifics of your case or schedule a consultation. We will be happy to review your case, explain your options and help you make the best possible decision for your future.  There is no charge for a consultation, and we accept most cases on a no-money-down basis.