Practice Areas

Personal Injury

During 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported more than 110,000 roadway accidents. More than 400 were fatal while more than 25,000 resulted in some form of personal injury. Many of those injured still have time to seek the assistance of a Milwaukee personal injury attorney to get the remuneration they are entitled to since the statutes of limitations on personal injury claims in Wisconsin is three years.

Slip/Trip and Fall

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), falls in general account for 8 million emergency visits every year in the United States. Slip and falls make up a million of those visits. More people lose time from work due to a slip and fall accident than for any other injury related situation. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 28,000 people die in one year just from falling.


Bankruptcy offers people who are unable to pay their creditors an opportunity to deal with that problem and get a fresh start. At Witte Law Offices, we help people from Milwaukee and surrounding communities file for bankruptcy.  In some situations, Chapter 7  is the best choice; for other individuals, a Chapter 13 reorganization plan is better.  This Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney can help you deal with even the most serious debt problems; stop creditors from threatening or harassing you, and protect your wages and family.