Milwaukee Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) reports that every year, approximately two million senior citizens suffer from some type of abuse. Much of this occurs in nursing homes due to the negligence of their caretakers. Some negligent acts, or negligent failures to act, result not just in injuries, but they often lead to a premature death. If you have a loved one who has suffered from nursing home negligence, you need the services of a Milwaukee nursing home negligence attorney.

Witte Law Offices, LLC

At Witte Law Offices, LLC we take very seriously allegations of nursing home negligence. We review the facts of each individual case and give it our full attention. Some areas of negligence we have found include, but are not limited to:

  • The staff ignores the needs of the nursing home resident for assistant with personal hygiene matters. Residents may be left lying in urine or feces causing them to develop bed sores which may lead to infections that are sometimes fatal.
  • Residents are deprived of basic nutrition and hydration. Food is withheld and clothing is not properly cleaned and cared for.
  • Staff does not adequately protect residents from health and safety hazards. Residents fall out of bed, trip on clutter in the hallways, tip over in chairs and experience other accidents that could have been prevented and are the result of negligent staff.

If you are concerned that your loved one may be suffering from the negligent acts in the nursing home, look for some warning signs exhibited by the resident, such as:

  • Noticeable weight loss over a short period of time.
  • Bedsores.
  • Injury suffered in a fall.
  • Unusual changes in behavior.
  • Changes in personal hygiene.
  • Changes in personality.
  • Sepsis.
  • Infections.

We work closely with nursing experts to evaluate the facts of each case.  Nursing homes are bound by very stringent rules and standards under Wisconsin and federal statutes and regulations.

At the Witte Law Offices, we fight on behalf of your loved ones. They deserve to live in dignity and to be free from the negligence that often occurs in nursing homes.