Milwaukee Criminal/Traffic Attorneys

There is nothing pleasant about facing a criminal or traffic charge.  Many of these cases are complex, and they require the expertise of an experienced attorney to identify possible defenses or negotiate an acceptable resolution.  It is important to remember that some charges involve time-sensitive issues and deadlines.  If you are facing a criminal or traffic charge, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Resolving Charges With A Milwaukee Criminal / Traffic Attorney

Common criminal or traffic offenses in the Milwaukee area include driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of illegal drugs and driving with a suspended license. If found guilty, the individuals charged with these crimes may face hefty fines, license revocation or even time behind bars. However, with the help of a Milwaukee criminal / traffic attorney such as Luke Witte, drivers’ sentences can be reduced or even dropped altogether.

Those who work with the Witte Law Offices will be pleased to note the firm’s clear emphasis on the investigative process, with all police documents related to the alleged incident being thoroughly examined and all defenses considered. There is sometimes a basis for dismissal of criminal or traffic charges.  Attorney Witte has been successful in obtaining dismissals when the police lacked an adequate reason for a traffic stop.

A Reliable Resource For Criminal And Traffic Matters

If you have been charged with a traffic-related offense or crime, you can count on Luke Witte to provide high-quality representation throughout the entirety of the legal process. Luke Witte is a sympathetic and very understanding lawyer. While working with this Milwaukee criminal / traffic attorney, you will never feel judged or disrespected. This talented attorney makes a point of thoroughly investigating all of his clients’ cases, allowing for impressive reductions in sentences or the complete dismissal of wrongful charges. If you are interested in achieving such a resolution, do not hesitate to contact Witte Law Offices, LLC.